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White bases only. Offer available to Retail consumers only By committing to the FREE Colour Consult offer you accept and agree also to join our Paint Perks members program, offering…

Aqua Prep Galvanised Iron Primer

Wattyl Aqua Prep Galvanised Iron Primer actively assists in preventing the formation of ‘white rust’ which can occur on zinc containing substrates exposed to salt air. It is easy to…

Maxi Ceiling White

Maxi Ceiling White is subtly shaded to provide optimal opacity and superior non-yellowing properties. It is ideal for use on interior ceilings in homes, commercial buildings, educational and healthcare facilities.

Polyfilla Professional Original Gaps

Polyfilla Professional Original Gap Sealant is a white paintable flexible acrylic gap sealant, suitable for interior and exterior applications.

Wattyl Colour Sampler White 500ml

Wattyl Colour Sample Pot makes it easy to test and choose your interior and exterior colour. Sample Pots contain a low sheen paint and are not recommended for general application…

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